Handmade rugs are a lasting investment that can look even more beautiful with age if maintained and properly cleaned. Please follow our guidelines for maintaining your rug’s beauty and tips on cleaning should spills or stains occur.


Vacuuming your rug regularly will prevent dust and debris from settling into the base fibres of your rug. However, extra care must be taken and the use of high-powered vacuums (mainly Dyson and Oreck) may pull threads out of the back and can cause sprouts (loose threads). Canister vacuums without beater bars are the most effective and a low-powered setting on any machine is best.

The stitched edge of your rug is sensitive and should not be vacuumed. Doing so can loosen the fibres. If possible, beat the back of the rug to loosen the dust and debris and then vacuum on a low setting.

Natural Enemies

Moths are a natural enemy of your rug as they prefer natural fibres and like dark places. To help protect your rug and to prevent uneven colour fading caused by bright sunlight, the rug should be lifted and turned, particularly if it is under furniture.

Moisture is also damaging to your rug. Never lay a rug on a damp floor as the wet can cause rot. If the rug needs cleaning seek professional help.


Rotate your rug every 3-6 months due to traffic.

Using pads or protective cups on the feet of sofas will prevent furniture from wool fibres from being crushed. Avoid sharp castors or narrow legs and move furniture from time to time.

We recommend a rug pad or underlay underneath your rug. This will extend the life of your rug as it absorbs wear and tear from the friction between rug and floor.

Shedding & Loose Threads

Shedding is normal for wool rugs; hand-knotted rugs will shed less than hand-tufted and both will lessen over time. New rugs shed because the short lengths of woollen fleece are spun together into a continuous length of yarn. When the yarn is made of shorter spun lengths it will shed more than yarn made from longer ones. Tufted rugs have longer piles and therefore shed more. Shedding will lessen over time but vacuuming (without brush attachment) will help maintain it.

Loose threads (sprouting) is common in handmade rugs. Sprouting is a normal characteristic of a fine handmade rug and can happen throughout the life of your rug. This is not a flaw and does not affect the rug’s durability. If a sprout appears it is important to not tug at the thread but to cut it out carefully with scissors.

Spot Cleaning

If you spill on a rug, clean it immediately. Once the stain has set in it becomes more difficult to clean. Never rub a spill as it forces the spill deeper into the rug and can cause irreversible damage to the fibres. The first step is to blot with a clean white cloth or kitchen towel. If the rug has been AquaDefence stain treated, the spill will most likely bead on top without penetrating the rug’s fibres, so you should continue to blot. On wool rugs, use lukewarm water or a wool cleaning liquid to remove any residual stains and blot with a clean, white cotton cloth. Always ensure fresh water is used and always work from the outside of the stain towards the centre. Finally, reset the pile in the correct direction using a hairdryer on a cool setting.

Problem Stains

For more persistent stains, specialist cleaners have the know-how and can often remove more stubborn stains that were impossible to remove with normal procedures. Ensure the rug has dried thoroughly after cleaning. Do not attempt to use any form of bleaching product (e.g. Vanish) as this weakens the fibres and can cause irreversible staining and damage.

Professional Cleaning

We recommend using a professional rug cleaner on an annual basis. Wool rugs are prone to bleeding and staining thus requiring extra prompt and careful cleaning.

Stain Treatment and Underlay

We offer the option of AquaDefence Stain Guard and Non-Slip Underlay to further protect your rug.

AquaDefence is an environmentally-friendly stain treatment specially designed for use on textiles and furnishings. It does not alter the feel or appearance of your rug but works to protect it against accidental spills and UV rays, while also helping your rug resist day-to-day wear and abrasion. Unlike other stain protectants, it penetrates the fibre to its core and lasts the lifetime of the rug.

Foxi Super Plus Underlay offers additional protection for your rug, gripping the floor and preventing slippage and premature wear as a result of friction. Composed of 5mm thick needlepunch fleece, Foxi underlay is discrete yet effective, providing further comfort underfoot. It is safe to use on all types of flooring and it does not leave a tacky residue if removed.

Please enquire about adding these options to your order.