Sustainable & Stain-Resistant

Comprised of uniquely plush recycled water bottles that mimic the look and feel of natural wools, this collection is a luxurious yet eco-conscious solution to the need for hard-wearing and stain-resistant rugs.

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Repetitive forms and tessellating shapes in clever colour combinations make an instant impact – creating a modern feel that stands the test of time.


Our traditional and transitional rugs are intricate yet tranquil. All-wool is a natural complement to the rich pattern while adding silk creates even greater texture.


Carefully blending stunning design with exceptional weaving, our range of contemporary rugs are the perfect focal point in any room.

Dedicated to craft, sustainability & ethical trade

It takes a team of talented artisans to create each and every Jennifer Manners rug. Dyeing fibres, weaving, washing and finishing are only a few of the crucial steps on the road to a final, original creation. Each step requires meticulous attention to detail and is a true homage to handmade luxury.

Rugs with soul


Heavy on craft and light on pattern, this collection of sisal- and jute-look rugs and carpets is all about texture.

Created with our sustainable /re/PURPOSE PERFORMANCE fibres, TEXTURAL gets to the heart of weave while providing high performance. Inherently stain-resistant and moisture-resistant, this collection is defined by its high performance nature.