Our award-winning /re/PURPOSE PERFORMANCE Collection, the very first of its kind, is a sustainable approach to timeless rugs. Comprised of uniquely plush recycled water bottles, these hand-knotted rugs are a luxurious yet functional solution to the need for rugs built for the hard-wear of life.

Bleach-cleanable and moisture-resistant, these rugs are also an eco-conscious solution, built to last several generations.

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How It Works

Discarded Bottles

Non-BPA water bottles are collected and sorted by colour for recycling. This means the resulting fibres are non-toxic and safe. The bottles are then stripped of labels and caps ahead of processing.

Sliced and Heated

Thousands of bottles are then washed and crushed and sliced into flakes. These are then heated and shaped into pellets.

Prepared for Rug Threads

Pellets are melted and extruded to make fibre. The material is cramped, cut, drawn and stretched and then baled. The baled fibre can be processed into threads suited for rug weaving.

2-Step Proprietary Process

Fibres are then dyed to match the colour we require. In order to create a fibre that mimics the look and feel of wool, we carry out two steps that alter the fibre. These happen during dyeing phase and in its final wash. Because plastic is impermeable, our /re/PURPOSE PERFORMANCE fibres are dyed at 150-degrees Celsius, at which point the resin alters, taking on colour and softening as a result of our unique process.


Finally, the fibres are ready for weaving. We only use permanent construction qualities of rugs including hand-knotted and handwoven, ensuring the rugs will last for generations.

These rugs are soft and luxurious while being strong enough for commercial use. Due to the impermeability of plastic, liquid stains sit on the fibre versus sinking inside creating permanent damage.

Luxurious, Sustainable Rugs

Our /re/PURPOSE PERFORMANCE fibres are now worthy of gorgeous, hand-knotted and handwoven rugs that are durable enough for the hard-wear of life and living...and purrrfect for pets!



The environmental impact of plastic waste across the world cannot be debated and we are thrilled our /re/PURPOSE PERFORMANCE helps to provide one small part of the solution for that waste. Discarded, non BPA water bottles are recycled in commercial facilities in India and then repurposed into fibres.

We have developed a proprietary two-step process that makes these fibres mimic the look and feel of natural wools without losing the invincibility that has become synonymous with plastic.

Each rug is made of 100% recycled water bottles – even down to the warp. Of course, this attention to detail is carried through to our packaging where we also use recycled plastic bags to ship these pieces.


One of the most often asked questions we receive is ‘how do I care for my rug’. Acidic spills, such as animal excrement and sick, are some of the harshest stains to remove from any rug with everyday spills being equally irritating – and yet we all need to carry on with life even with a beautiful new rug.

Our /re/PURPOSE PERFORMANCE range of rugs are made for this kind of everyday hard-living. Naturally moisture-resistant, stains sit on top of the fibres before ever being absorbed into the pile where the structure of rug fibres can traditionally be altered.

/re/PUROSE PERFORMANCE is also a invincible fibre. It received contract grade after a 50,000 rub count showing no signs of distress – meaning they will withstand high traffic of busy households as well as hotels, offices and other commercial spaces. All of this without losing their look or feel of luxury.


We were told by one of our first /re/PURPOSE PERFORMANCE clients that she needed a ‘bullet proof’ rug for her children’s home library. Three days after her /re/PURPOSE PERFORMANCE rug was installed, she rang panicked that her children had spilt paint all over the new rug. She was advised to simply rinse the paint away with warm water -which worked a dream. The client was thrilled (as were we).

/re/PURPOSE PERFORMANCE is easy to clean as the very nature of recycled plastic means its impervious - spills and stains do not infiltrate the fibre. And if a stain has been left sitting on the rug for ages and resists moving with warm water, it can be treated with diluted bleach.

High Performance for Where You Want To Live

Indoor / Outdoor

Because /re/PURPOSE PERFORMANCE fibres are inherently moisture-resistant, they are ideal for use in outdoor rugs. Stain-resistant, weatherproof and easy to clean, these rugs make a stylish addition to outdoor living.

Choose from one of our collection or create a completely bespoke rug for your garden or poolside areas.

"I cannot imagine a project where I wouldn't use a
Jennifer Manners rug."

Natasha Greig, Director of Veere Grenney Associates