UNESCO protected weaving

Weaving Along The Silk Route

Ikats have been a traditionally woven textile in the Ferghana Valley of Uzbekistan along the ancient silk routes of Marco Polo for centuries.

This style of weaving silks - that saw the warp dyed into pattern and the weft a solid colour (opposite to rug weaving) is noted for its vibrant colours on soft, delicate silks.

This style of weaving nearly died out during the Soviet era and is being rejuvenated with the help of UNESCO who protects the typical ikat weaving loom style that measures 40cms in width.

Fabrics Also Available

Do you wish to use the silk ikats for more than cushions?
Get in touch to request lengths of fabric in the pattern and colour of your choice.

These fabrics are ideal on curtains, headboards and more delicate upholstery projects, adding sumptous colour and pattern to your space.

Vegetable-dyed silks in geometric patterns have become synonymous with Ikat weaving worldwide. They work well as single cushions or in combination with patterns and tones of colour across the room.